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Satija Motors is a well-known name in Delhi/NCR for Best Motor Driving Training School. Satija Motors has been serving Delhi / NCR for well over 30 years. Our driving instructors are insured and govt. certified. Our vehicles used for driving lessons and road tests are dual controlled, insured and are the latest models. Learning how to drive properly and safely will be one of the most important things that you do. Don’t skimp! Learn from professionals; learn from the best! Learn from Satija Motor Driving School!

Why choose Satija Motor driving school for getting your driving license?

Learning to drive is a journey with a lot of different skills that take time to master. When you choose Satija Motor Driving school for driving lessons, we’ll make sure you don’t get disappointed. You’ll get the expert instruction according to your unique driving lessons method, helpful guidance and accurate information you need. If you’re just starting the journey, it’s good to understand the whole process so you can make smart choices.

Contact us for an intake lesson at a location near you and experience driving! After the intake lesson, you will have a consult to answer all your questions such as how many driving lessons you will need and an indication of the total cost of your driving license.

The driving academy that knows what it takes to pass the exam

You’re in good hands with our driving instructors of Satija Motor driving school. Their goal is to turn every person in a road-ready driver that can pass the driving exam in RTO after the course has been completed. Our instructors believe that the more you relax, the more you can learn. And if you enjoy your lessons, chances are you'll build up your confidence and your driving skills more quickly. That is probably why they are rated with a 9.0 for their kindness. Through your candid questionnaires feedback regarding our driving academy, instructors and teaching methods, we are able to constantly improve ourselves.If you don't want to waste another minute and you don't want to take more lessons than the absolute minimum, make sure to register right now and we will let you know how long your course will take.We can pick you up at the address of your preference, and if you want we can drop you off at a different location.

Theory course Driving license

Before you can take your practical driving exam, you will have to pass the theory exam. We offer a special package to prepare in the most efficient way possible.

 No more fear thanks to special "fear of failure" instructions

  • Do you find it harder to participate in traffic than most other people?
  • Does the idea of getting into a car send chills down your spine?
  • Does stress make you fail your driving test over and over again?

 Don't worry. Our specialized "fear of failure" instructors are able to teach you how to drive and to make you feel safe in traffic.

Everyone is different; some people learn quicker than others. That is why we use a personal program. This personal program makes sure you will exactly get the coaching and the number of lessons you need in order to pass your test as soon as possible!

Car driving lessons

You’ll benefit from a proven teaching method at a reputable organization. You can decide the pace of your training; whether you want your complete driving license course in 10, 14 or 21 days or just one lesson per week. It’s up to you! During the intake lesson, your driving skills will be assessed and you will get personal advice for the number of lessons you’ll need.

Your driving experience is partly created by the type of car you drive in. In order to learn how to drive, it is important to have a safe and well-organised car at your disposal and we didn't forget about comfort either. Get into our car for a pleasant first driving experience!